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I AM: A Novel Approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

This book is written with the intent of reaching those people who are interested in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but are not yet comfortable reading from the Bible. It is written in the form of a novel, in a logical chronology, which endeavors to combine the four gospel accounts. Following the feasts of the Jewish calendar and set within the historical context of the time, it includes the author’s own spiritual insights into Jesus’ words and works, inserted into the gospel story.


This book truly contains something for everyone. For the seeker, it provides a good place to start—the accompanying scripture references are intended to direct the reader to the true biblical account. For the novice, this account will go a long way to filling any gaps in understanding the biblical narrative. And the author’s spiritual insights will challenge even the substantial knowledge of the most-learned of Bible scholars. Expect to be entertained, encouraged, and challenged by this novel approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come rediscover God’s spiritual truth, knowing that iron sharpens iron.